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Your Greatest Performance, Life


The performing arts are an exploration of the human experience. Participation in the performing arts fosters self-understanding, development of a positive self-image, and concern and respect for others.

Stream Description

The performing arts are an exciting way for students to get to know themselves, involve themselves with others, to take safe risks, and to actively participate in activities which will help them respond to the world around them. Self-confidence, belief in one’s worth and abilities as a person, is the key to success. In order to explore who they are and their place in their world, students will participate in classes that include creative and expository writing, literature studies, name research, core values exploration, wellness activities, and a study of genetics. Other classes in dance, drama, music, geometry, patterns and spatial relations, social studies, and world history will prepare students to participate in the performing arts activities planned for the stream.

Simulation descriptions

  • You will create and write a visual representation that expresses your stream journey, entitled the Book of Me.

  • You will write a script, compose music, choreograph a dance, and/or produce stagecraft to express your journey of self-understanding and positive image development.

  • You will perform this expression of your journey through drama, dance, music, and stagecraft.