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Work Hard, Play Hard


Throughout history people have participated in sport to discover their own potential. By engaging in tests of physical strength, agility, mental, and physical perseverance, and by setting personal goals, students will understand that their effort in life will determine their level of accomplishment.

Stream Description

Every civilization known to man has participated in forms of sport and recreation and much of today's society is centered around sport. To better understand the impact of sport in our world, students must first build a foundation and understanding of all aspects of sport -- not just the physical playing of the game.

The objectives of this stream are to introduce students to the different aspects of sports and recreation. Students will develop an understanding of the language, mechanics, history, and anatomy of sport. They will also learn the importance and value of teamwork and cooperation, as well as sportsmanship and perseverance. Evaluation procedures will be based on each student’s ability to synthesize historical, academic and artistic information for use with his or her individual and group projects.