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Wake Up, America!


American democracy involves informed and responsible citizenship with an understanding of civic values, including the willingness to address and work together to solve issues of local, state, and national concern.

Stream Description

This stream introduces students to the knowledge, skills and values of responsible citizenship as they analyze and solve real school and community problems. The unit begins with an investigation of the concepts of freedom, civic responsibility, and civic participation, as well as a development of the understanding of the importance of accessing and managing information. Identifying and addressing an issue of local, state, or national concern promotes research skills, media literacy, graphic arts and use of technology in addition to traditional content areas such as language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Writing and enacting a local, state, or national law involves an additional focus on constitutional history, structure and operation of governmental bodies, and economics. Evaluation, critical thinking, problem solving, and participation skills are an integral part of this stream throughout its activities and simulations. The goal is to prepare students for informed, responsible participation in political life as competent citizens committed to the fundamental values and principles of American constitutional democracy.


SIMULATION 1: Research and debate an issue of local, state, or national concern.
SIMULATION 2: Form a special interest group and organize a campaign to resolve an issue by influencing public opinion and promoting action by a local, state, or national governmental body.