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PE Rocks

Physical Education

The Brown-Barge Physical Education curriculum, guided by national and state standards, provides students with the opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge, behaviors, and motivation that promote a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

Students are expected to dress out daily in appropriate PE attire, and fully participate during the class period, giving them the opportunity to learn and improve skills in individual, team, extreme, and alternate sports, and athletics. 

The program strives to develop students' personal and social responsibilities through cooperative, competitive, and fair play, self-management skills, and the knowledge to make informed and healthy decisions. 

The Florida State standards for Physical Education that guide lessons can be found at this link.

appropriate pe attire

Dressing for PE

  • Leave jewelry in your locker.
  •  All clothing must meet district dress code policy. Athletic type tops and bottoms are expected to be worn during class, as well as athletic shoes. There will be a limited supply of clothing available that meets the dress code requirements should you not be in dress code when you report to your PE class.
  • Clothing should be weather and temperature appropriate for PE to keep students safe. For example, students who wear jeans or sweatshirts will need to change clothing during warm weather.
  • Clothing should not restrict their movement while participating in activities during PE, as their skills will be assessed and will contribute to their overall grade.
  • For safety reasons, students are expected to wear the appropriate athletic shoes with socks during PE.
  • See the Secondary Safe Shoes Memo on the ECSD Physical Education Department website 

Water, Personal Hygiene, and Outdoor Protection

  • Students are encouraged to provide their own water bottles. There are refilling stations throughout the school and in the locker room. If in the locker room, students can fill up during their 5 minutes.
  • They are encouraged to also bring a hand towel to wipe sweat, and deodorant to use at the end of class.
  • Students may wear an appropriate hat and sunglasses outside, and sunscreen will be allowed.