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The ocean’s bounties are immense and have inspired explorers, scientists, writers, artists, and musicians since recorded history.

Stream Description

Our wonderful oceans not only support a variety of ecosystems and an abundance of lifeforms but also are immense bodies of water that have affected human culture throughout time. Areas of study include: marine sciences and careers, maritime history, social studies, associated mathematics, literature, as wells art and music appreciation.

SImulation description

Simulation 1 - The Great Descent Aquarium

Students simulate oceanic professionals employed at an aquarium showcasing student-created exhibits or attractions for all light zones of the ocean (sunlit, twilight, midnight, and abyssal) and special habitats including the intertidal zone, the hadal zone, mid-atlantic ridge, Arctic, Antarctic, and coral reef.


Simulation 2 - Sea Symposium

Students host an interactive sea symposium showcasing in various ways how oceans have impacted societies (and vice versa) throughout time including literary connections, sea-faring people, advancement of technology (submersibles and other equipment), and modern-day connections.