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Music: the Soundtrack of Our Lives Stream Premise

Music: the Soundtrack of Our Lives composes the universal rhythm of our lives. Not only does music affect our physical and psychological being, but it also brings us together. It allows us to express ourselves, reflects our history, accents social change, and shapes our cultures.

Music Stream Description

Music: the Soundtrack of our Lives is a music appreciation stream in which students learn about the evolution of music from prehistoric times through the early modern era of the 1920s-1940. Students learn about composers and influential figures, instruments, musical composition, the science and math of music, art and literature as it is related to music as well as the relationship between music and culture. Through an activity period, students learn how to play various instruments and sing, and will choose one to perform for the stream's simulation.

Simulation Descriptions

  • In the Music stream experience, you will be a part of creating original compositions and performances to entertain and amaze your peers.
  • You will be a part of a grand performance that simulates the process that successful music artists go through from idea to production. Get ready to grow, learn, and entertain through the world of music!