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Mass Media

Stream Premise

The media are a powerful influence on our political, social, economic, and cultural way of life. A critical understanding of the nature of mass media, the techniques involved in media production, and the impact of these techniques is essential for empowered citizenship.

Stream Description

Do you have something to say? Do you have a desire to be heard? If so, then the Mass Media stream is the place for you! You will develop an informed and critical understanding of the nature and technologies of mass media, and become producers of a time-period based multimedia presentation (TV, Newspaper, Radio/Podcast, Blog, Social Media, Websites, etc.) as well as a short film. In this stream you will learn what it takes to be involved in the media both as a critical viewer and listener.


Simulation 1: Students will create, edit, and publish a time-period based multimedia presentation, including components from print, audio, visual, and digital media.


Simulation 2: Students will write, produce, and edit an original short film to be presented at the Mass Media Film Festival.