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Lead The Way

Stream Premise

Freedom of a society must be safeguarded. From an individual to a national level, the study of the military fosters leadership excellence and active citizenship. Understanding the roots of international conflict and military science promotes the liberty that a society and its citizens need to flourish.

Stream Description

The Lead the Way! stream develops citizens of character for a lifetime of commitment and service. Focusing on leadership excellence, military history, and the roots of international conflict helps students understand the role the military plays in our lives while inspiring courage, gallantry, self sacrifice, and the pursuit of knowledge. Students will learn core values, essential life skills, and the history and structure of the U.S. military with examples from World War I to the present day. Themes of cause and effect, science and technology, people and culture, and current connections will develop active citizens and effective leaders.

Simulation Descriptions

Simulation 1: Panther Jamboree

Students will demonstrate various individual and group proficiencies focusing on problem solving and team work in the following areas: Wellness and Fitness, First Aid, Map and Compass, and Honor Corps.


Simulation 2: Iconic Images

Students will create a piece of theater, a live performance highlighting America's history through its international conflicts. Using what has been learned to create a historical performance, including a life-sized replica of an iconic image, students inform their audience on the United States of America as a nation at war.