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Forces of Nature


Throughout history people have been challenged by the forces of nature.  Although we still have no control over Earth’s destructive power, advances in technology, engineering, forecasting, and planning can, and have, made the world a safer place. 

Stream Description

Students will learn about earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, drought, wild fires, and winter storms.  Through this investigation students will understand how different forces of nature affect lives, and how the different methods of forecasting and types of technology have changed throughout history.

Simulation Descriptions

  • Investigate forces of nature in the past that have wreaked havoc on our society.
  • Discover how current technology has enabled us to understand the phenomena behind these beasts, forecast their existence, and be better prepared to survive their treacherous path.
  • You will do your best to broadcast to your peers essential disaster preparedness, while fighting for your own survival!