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Environmental awareness is a responsibility of all people.

Stream Description

Through this stream students will become aware of environmental concerns and issues which affect their lives and world. Environmental topics that will be investigated are solid waste, hazardous waste, biodiversity and endangered species, quality of air, sources of energy and preservation of wetlands. Lessons focusing on environmental citizenship will inform students of ways to become actively involved in promoting a safe world environment. In addition, students will explore the tensions that sometimes exist between environmental safety and economic development. Stream activities will develop knowledge and skills in the following areas: English and language arts, including literature, composition, speech, debate and drama; social studies, including history, civics, and sociology; science, including biology and chemistry; mathematics, including statistics, percentages, and basic computations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; art, including drawing, layout, and design; research skills, including notetaking and summarizing. Proposed field trips are a tour of a landfill and a tour of a wetlands area.

Simulation Descriptions

  • Create digital public service announcements to create awareness for an environmental issue for which you are passionate.

  • Select an environmental topic and develop a lesson plan to share with elementary students through a dramatization, children's book, puppet show, musical presentation, or math board game activity.