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Colony to Country

Stream Premise

The story of the United States of America is unlike any other the world has ever seen. By developing a deep understanding of the people that formed this great country, the technology that advanced it, its culture, and the events that shaped a nation, we can determine how best to write the next chapter of the American story.

Stream Description

The Colony to Country stream is based on individual and cooperative learning activities which focus on four components of the American story: its people, the science and technology it revolutionized, the culture, and the foundational policies and events that shaped it. The content areas of language arts, history, geography, science, civics, economics, art, sociology, technology, and mathematics, among others, are addressed within these components.

Simulation Descriptions

Simulation: The American Story

Students will write and perform a "Hamilton-style" show based on our American Story. Multiple performance styles will be included, such as songs, raps, skits, etc.


Big Activity: The Hall of Presidents

Students will be tasked with "re-creating" the Hall of Presidents attraction located in Disney World by making it more informative about each individual president. Students will each be assigned a president that they will have to research, then write a speech detailing the legacy of their presidency.