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Calling All Heroes


People across the ages have wished to break free of the limits of human existence. Mankind has a longing for something beyond ourselves; superhuman ability is a timeless and universal enchantment. While our bodies are bound by reality, our hearts are filled with eternity and the pursuit of knowledge, and human innovation is showing that our potential is limitless.

Simulation Description

Superhero science fiction is turbo-charged and BOOMing with captivating elements that enchant audiences and bring the American heroic dream to life. Defeat all odds by battling the four realms of the Mortal Mind, Techno-Wizardry, the Mighty Pen, and the Page Sage.  Adventure awaits as you develop your own choose-a-path story that springs into life, combining the hero’s motivation, scientific inspiration of superPOWers, and the struggle to choose. Unleash your “mad scientist” by demonstrating a scientific principle related to a superpower. Then, overcome a rogues gallery of creative challenges as you design and then share your vision at Panther Con where students will plan and host a large-scale, multi-genre entertainment and comic book convention.