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The diversity of humankind is reflected in the dwellings and the architecture of the ages and throughout the world.

Stream Description

Through a combination of academic inquiry, architectural drawing and model building, students learn that the diversity of humankind is reflected in the dwellings that have been used around the world and in history. In this stream students discover how climate, culture, history, geography and natural resources have combined to determine the houses man has built. Students engage in writing activities that include journal entries, reports and scripts for oral presentations. Technology enhances research, oral and visual presentations, and displays. Students also develop math and geometry skills by working with perspective drawing, architectural drafting and the construction of a home. Scale modeling further tests the students’ math skills.  

Simulation Descriptions

  • You will design and construct a full scaled primitive dwelling. In teams, you will work together to use natural resources to build a structure that can withstand the local weather!

  • After studying how various cultures adapt their architecture to climate and resources you will form as a team of architects! Better work hard because you will compete in the designing, drawing, and modeling a modern house for clients in diverse locations.